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Minimal Incision Surgery

If you’ve tried several conservative treatment options such as changing shoes, shoe inserts, pain relief medication, bunion pads or cushions, but nothing seems to work to get rid of the pain and discomfort then Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery may be a great option to consider. During your consultation with Dr. Chow, he will provide a diagnosis and recommendation whether this option is best for you. 


Advantages of Minimal Incision Surgery

No general anesthesia. Our anesthesia is similar to dentistry sedation. You'll feel calm and relaxed, while remaining awake. 

Minimal scar tissue with less post-surgical pain, scarring, swelling and faster healing.

Obtain the same results  with traditional surgery, but with far less pain.

No damage to the tissues crossing the big toe joint, eliminating the complication of joint stiffness.

After surgery the foot is wrapped in a soft dressing. No cast and crutches needed.

After surgery patients can walk right away, go back to work soon, drive a car and more. Most patients transition to regular shoes by week 6.

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