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4 Benefits You Need to Know About Minimal Incision Bunion Surgery

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

At Total Foot and Ankle Care of New York, we specialize in several treatments for bunions including minimal incision bunion surgery. If you're ready to walk away from your painful bunion, here are four benefits you need to know about this life-changing procedure.

1. Minimal scarring

Minimal incision bunion surgery is performed with a percutaneous 3-5mm incision versus 3-5 inches for open procedures. Since it's minimally invasive, scars are typically significantly smaller than a comparable open procedure.

2. Experience less swelling and pain

Micro incisions mean fewer disruptions to your soft tissues which result in less swelling, pain and can significantly lower your risk of post-operative infections.

3. Get back on your feet quicker

A minimal incision surgery typically has the patient return to regular shoe use faster than an open procedure. Usually, at 3-4 weeks, if x-rays show signs of bony union, patients are allowed full weight-bearing in normal shoes.

4. The average minimal incision bunion surgery is about an hour-long

There's no need to suffer any longer from your bunion. Call us

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